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Amphicarpaea bracteata / Hog Peanut

Amphicarpaea bracteata / Hog Peanut

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Amphicarpaea bracteata is an herbaceous climbing vine that grows about 5 feet long, and produces small edible tubers. A member of the Fabaceae familiy, Hog Peanut has the ability to pull nitrogen from the air and put it into the soil if the right soil bacterium is present, essentially feeding itself and other nearby plants. An ideal polyculture is Hog Peanut grown with Jerusalem Artichokes. The Hog Peanut can fix nitrogen to help feed the Jerusalem Artichokes, and the Jerusalem Artichokes can serve as a trellis for the Hog Peanut. When you’re harvesting your Jerusalem Artichokes you’re likely to find some Hog Peanuts as well. Prefers sandy, loamy soil, but can tolerate heavy clay soils as well. Grows in part shade, to full shade. Prefers moist soil.

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