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Armoracia rusticana / 'Big Top' Horseradish

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Armoracia rusticana is not known for its handsome foliage or its showy blooms, it is known instead for its potent and pungent root, also called Horseradish. These fast spreading perennials pack quite an odoriferous punch even in the smallest roots, which, when grated or crushed, release an enzyme that forms a chemical compound similar to mustard oil. Originating in Europe, Horseradish has many culinary applications, and medicinal uses of the plant date back to the Middle Ages. A tea made from Armoracia is not for the faint of heart, but is used during the cold season to clear passages and improve respiratory function. Horseradish is an extremely hardy perennial whose root can be harvested at any time with little damage to the plant, but cold soil increases the spicy heat so the best time to trim roots for culinary or medicinal use is in the late fall before the ground freezes.

‘Big Top’ is especially disease resistant.


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