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Asimina trilolba / Paw paw - "Shenandoah"

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Large sweet fruits that can be up to 1lb each. Plant two varieties of Paw Paw for pollination.

Paw paws are the largest native fruit in the US. Very tropical vibes. Banana, mango, papaya flavors. Fruit doesn’t keep well off the tree, so it’s not available commercially - in order to enjoy it, you must grow it! Because they’re native, paw paws have few pest problems and can be the easiest fruit tree to grow. They are said to be deer resistant, but we recommend protecting them from deer anyway - we’ve gotten reports of deer munching paw paws - don’t take a chance.

For fruit tree tips read our blog post “Tips for Growing Fruit Trees in the Hudson Valley”:


Plant delivery is free within the City of Beacon. Deliveries outside the City of Beacon are by a $65/hour fee, which includes travel and placement of material.