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Campsis radicans / Trumpet Creeper

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If you’re a fan of hummingbirds, and a fan of plants that really like to grow, then Campsis radicans is for you! Once established, these vines sport stunning orange/red flowers that resemble a trumpet’s bell. While a trumpet is designed to project sound, the Trumpet Vine flowers project their scent far and wide attracting hummingbirds who seem anatomically a perfect fit, with their long beaks able to access the nectar in the deep flowers. Keep in mind that Campsis radicans is a fast-growing vine that attaches itself to structures via aerial rootlets and it gets heavy over time, so you’ll want to grow it on a very sturdy structure. The vine also produces root suckers, so you’ll need to watch for those and mow and clip them to keep the vine from taking over. A perfect location might be an old brick wall or a sturdy fence next to a driveway or a mowed lawn. Grows in full sun or part shade in medium soils. Vines grow up to 40 feet long.

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