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Equisetum arvense / Common Horsetail

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A non-flowering, spore-producing plant, Equisetum arvense is native to the artic and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. With an extesnive rhizomatus root system, Horsetail can be difficult to control, so plant it where you don’t mind it spreading, or plant with a rhizome barrier to to control the spread. If you do have a suitable spot for this plant, you can enjoy the many medicinal benefits. Recent research has shown Equisetum arvense to be an effective ally for tooth care. The plant is used in biodynamic farming, although ironically it’s toxic to livestock, particularly horses. The fossil record of Equisetum genus goes back to the Devonian period; they were a dominant understory plant 100 million years ago. You can grow a living fossil! Equisetum arvense likes wet, boggy conditions.

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