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Salix nigra / Black Willow

Salix nigra / Black Willow

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The Black Willow tree can be enjoyed for the finely textured shade it provides and the many benefits it provides to local fauna, including hungry pollinators during the earliest weeks of spring. But Salix is a native species that also provides a very crucial benefit to human beings, and has for thousands of years. Herbalists all over North America have used Willow bark for medicine for eons, and Willow branches for basketry. By the mid 1800's, western chemists were able to isolate Salicylic acid, the active ingredient in Salix. Once a synthesized version of Salicylic acid was created, modern day aspirin was born. Besides its importance to humanity, Salix Nigra is a gorgeous choice in your native landscape, as it can grow up to 60 feet tall and live as many years or more. It LOVES wet feet. A full grown tree transpires 700 gallons a day of water. Its thirsty roots have led this species to be used to control underground toxic chemical plumes- a stand of willows take up so much water that it changes groundwater flow.

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