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Thuja occidentalis / Northern White Cedar 'Smaragd'

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We have quite a variety of trees to choose from at the Garden Center, including Thuja occidentalis, aka Northern White Cedar. This aromatic evergreen is native to the northeastern part of North America, and can grow up to over 40 feet tall at maturity. Bringing year-round color and shade to any property, Thuja occidentalis is also an important habitat for nesting birds, as well as providing shelter for mammals during cold winter weather. The White Cedar tree is the subject of sacred legends in Ojibwe culture, as it plays an important role in traditional crafts, construction, and medicine. In fact Thuja Occidentalis is the preferred wood for structural ribbing in traditional birch bark canoes. Its alternate name, the Eastern arborvitae, is Latin for "tree of life," a reference to its many uses and revered status.

'Smaragd' is a compact cultivar that stays 10-15 ft tall and is often used for screening. Requires no pruning

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