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Ageratina altissima / White Snakeroot

Ageratina altissima / White Snakeroot

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Ageratina altissima / White Snakeroot is the tallest species of this genus and makes an excellent back border in garden beds, growing to be up to 5 feet tall and topped by clusters of white blooms that appear in September. The name Ageratina is derived from Greek and means 'un-aging,' referring to its long lasting blooms. White Snakeroot is loved by late season pollinators and its tall stature makes it a perfect compliment to other more diminutive late bloomers like Eupatorium coelestinum / Blue Mist Flower. Although the root of Ageratina has been used to treat snake bites, the aerial parts of the plant are toxic when consumed in large quantities and should not be eaten by humans or livestock. Plant Ageratina altissima in full sun to part shade in moist, but well-draining soils. Grows up to 5 feet tall with a spread of 2 to 3 feet.

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