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Fraxinus americana / White Ash

Fraxinus americana / White Ash

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Fraxinus americana is under attack by the invasive Emerald Ash Borer, which typically kills a tree in 3 to 5 years after infestation. We wish there were disease resistant cultivars that we could offer, but we haven’t heard of any available yet. However scientists have found a few White Ash trees that have survived Emerald Ash Borer infestation. They call them ‘Lingering Ash’. Planting this tree is risky, BUT it’s important that we not give up on the White Ash. Although unlikely, perhaps this individual tree IS resistant to the pest and IS in fact one of the ‘Lingering Ash’ trees. Perhaps you can plant this there near the edge of your woods on your property (where you’re not solely relying on it for shade or beauty if it does succumb to the borer), and perhaps it will be a survivor, and perhaps the US Forest Service will come study the tree, and perhaps it can be propagated and developed into a cultivar of ‘Lingering Ash’ that will save the species, and we will once again rely on Ash trees for their strong timber, shade, and beauty! Grows best in full sun in soils of medium moisture. Grows 60-80 feet tall with a 60-80 foot spread.


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