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Malus domestica / Apple 'Liberty'

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A very disease resistant variety. Highly recommended as apple diseases are a common problem on the East Coast. Fruit has a yellow background with red overtones and a sweet-tart taste which improves with proper storage. Great for fresh-eating, cooking, canning, or keeping.

Apples are probably the most common fruit grown in our area, for good reason: Beautiful flowers that feed beneficial insects early in the season, many varieties of delicious fruits, potential for making vinegar and hard cider. Growing apple trees is a great idea, but it requires some skills and understanding. For fruit tree tips read our blog post “Tips for Growing Fruit Trees in the Hudson Valley”:

Plant two different varieties of apple trees to achieve pollination and get fruit.


Plant delivery is free within the City of Beacon. Deliveries outside the City of Beacon are by a $65/hour fee, which includes travel and placement of material.