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Prunus persica / 'Reliance' Peach

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We are very excited to start selling peaches again! Living fast and dying young, peaches tend to start fruiting at a young age with impressive harvests but don't have the longevity of other fruit trees like apples. Sometimes they bear so much fruit it can break the branches, so be mindful with pruning! They are self-pollinating, so you don't need to plant a second cultivar to get fruit. Given proper pruning they tend to get 10 to 15 ft tall with a similar width.

'Reliance' bears fruit at an early age and continues to reliably produce every year after. Flavor is mild but juicy.

For fruit tree tips read our blog post “Tips for Growing Fruit Trees in the Hudson Valley”:


Plant delivery is free within the City of Beacon. Deliveries outside the City of Beacon are by a $65/hour fee, which includes travel and placement of material.