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Swedish 'Mulmholk' Wildlife Habitat (Rectangular)

Swedish 'Mulmholk' Wildlife Habitat (Rectangular)

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What is a Mulmholk, you ask?  The Swedish word Mulmholk roughly translates to Mulch Nest, which is a nest box similar to those designed for birds, but intended for insects.  Resembling the same conditions that can be found in hollow tree trunks, Mulmholks can be filled with mulch, sawdust, rotting wood and organic matter in order to create an ideal environment for certain types of insect species.  Due to a lack of large dead standing wood in our suburban environments, certain insect populations have declined so dramatically that they have become endangered.  Especially vulnerable to this loss of habitat are saproxylic beetles.  Saproxylic invertebrates are insect species that depend on dead and rotting wood for food and habitat.  The Mulmholk is a handsome and beneficial structure that is designed to mimic tree hollows where many species find shelter and sustenance; they aid in restoring biodiversity and therefore creating a well-balanced ecosystem in our backyards.

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